iPhone and salt shaker at a diner — check the photo creidts for more information

Have a million dollar idea?
Have the skills to pay the bills?
The syndicate is calling you.

*RING RING* ...hello?
*RING RING* ...h-hello?

Oh wait, that’s something else. This is the Salt Mine Syndicate. We are a talented group of developers, designers, marketers, idea-rs (idea-gineers? idea-maters? whatever people that have ideas are called) and we have come together to create iPhone, Android and other mobile apps.

This is a new way to develop software and produce ideas, it’s all about profit shares—if your app does well, you do well, if the Syndicate does well, we all do well. Working in the salt mines has its perks.

We are currently in alpha, or something that comes before alpha. We’ve hand picked people to work on our first few apps. Want to get in on the goods? Drop us a line and tell us what you can do for the syndicate and what the syndicate can do for you. If you'd prefer you can join our mailing list up top and we’ll let you know what’s up.